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From Our Clients:

"It is amazing!  Anyone who is pregnant should definitely call the Center.  They have such helpful information!"


"The people here have been our family.  Their love has given me strength and has helped to heal a broken and bruised heart.  Sincerely, I love everyone here.  My tears now are full of thanksgiving for each of you and for the greatest difference that you've made in my life."

About Parkland PRC


In 2005, there were very few resources in our community to assist young, single moms. To meet this need, the Parkland PRC opened offering care, support, and education regarding sexual health, pregnancy and relationships.


Word of the PRC spread quickly and over the past ten years, the PRC has had more than 16,000 appointments.  Through the generous support of our community we continue to offer classes for moms, but have expanded to include dads' classes, sexual abuse recovery classes, healthy relationship classes for teens, an abortion recovery class, and parent support classes. 


Through the classes, mentoring teachers, and infant resources, we equip you to build a strong family.

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