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Earn While You Learn Parenting Classes

Moms meet in a group setting to learn and discuss parenting issues.  Topics covered include: prenatal care, nutrition, healthy relationships, safety, infant development and discipline.  Points earned in class can be redeemed in our "Boutique" for baby furniture, clothes and infant to toddler care products.  (Dads are welcome to sit in on the classes.)


Parent Support Program

Parent Support Classes are offered for clients who have had classes ordered or recommended by the court or DFS.  This four week program begins the first week of each month with a certificate given upon completion of the classes and class requirements. Mom and/or Dad can enroll and attend parenting classes.



All of our classes are free.  Start dates vary depending on the type of class.  Call the Center to find out more.



Parents share tips, stories, and encouragement as they meet together in class. 

Women find support and advice as they experience the stages of pregnancy together.

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